RoadKing launches new ‘classic’ CB

RoadKing has expanded its portfolio of mobile communication devices to include a new classic style CB radio. “This addition enhances the current offering of mobile communication devices and accessories that keep drivers clearly connected,” the company said.

“There’s a reason that RoadKing has set the professional driver standard,” said Charles White, vice president, brands and marketing, RoadPro Brands and DAS Companies. “Drivers depend on RoadKing to bring them mobile communication devices and accessories that keep them clearly connected. The new classic style CB will deliver on that promise.”

According to RoadKing, the Classic CB includes:

  • S/RF/SWR/CAL Switch, allows antenna matching for optimum performance
  • SWR/RF/SWR Meter, provides power output, signal strength, and SWR readings
  • Mic/RF Gain Control, adjusts the receiver sensitivity to match incoming signal
  • “Dynamic” microphone, screw on type with 9ft cord
  • Off/volume/channel selector/squelch control, ability to adjust with environment
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