SmartTruckRoute app now offers route optimization

TeleType announced it has developed a web-based service providing fleet managers with the ability to optimize routes for an unlimited number of drivers.

The SmartTruckDispatch web service, allows the manager to send an optimized sequence of stops directly to the device of each driver, according to the company. The driver then automatically routes to each stop using the SmartTruckRoute app. SmartTruckRoute provides the driver with truck specific navigation to each stop. The web service is free to use provided the recipient driver has a SmartTruckRoute app subscription.

The manager can enter each stop manually or upload in text or csv format. The resulting route is then sent wirelessly to the SmartTruckRoute app of the appropriate driver. The navigation app continues to work in the familiar way for the driver. The optimized route based on the parameters of the truck such as weight and height, appears on the map screen of the driver’s device and is displayed as a series of ordered “via” points.

“The SmartTruckRoute software takes into account commercial truck restrictions such as low bridges, weight restrictions, hazmat restrictions, axle limits, and more,” TeleType said. “SmartTruckRoute helps drivers avoid costly tickets and provides additional safety. The app also includes truck specific points of interest such as truck stops, weigh scales, and rest areas. At less than 7 cents per day for a subscription, the solution is economical and offers simple installation with automatic activation. The app offers the unique feature of integrating driver feedback to enhance the routing experience. The company maintains both permanent and temporary truck restriction data on their servers and updates the information daily on a pro-active basis as well as incorporating driver feedback.”

According to Marleen Winer, vice-president of TeleType, “SmartTruckRoute is the first truck specific navigation app to offer managers convenient route optimization with seamless integration to phones and tablets.”

According to the company, key features include:

  • Daily live map, routing, and restriction information updates
  • Quickly validate truck route with the convenience of a smart phone or tablet
  • Option to view maps in satellite or hybrid mode for highest destination accuracy
  • Instant activation, eliminating lengthy map downloads
  • Unlimited truck specific routing upon purchase
  • Fast routing, typical routes take less than five seconds to complete
  • Visual and Voice turn-by-turn instructions keep drivers safe
  • Truck specific points of interest display and search
  • Speak destination information for convenient hands free operation
  • Driver Feedback loop provides an easy efficient way for drivers to share map and routing feedback
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