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Spireon program and app impact driver performance

Spireon Inc., a provider of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and Business Intelligence solutions, introduced the upcoming availability of the Spireon Driver Performance Program and mobile app to influence driver behavior and fleet performance.

“Spireon’s Driver Performance Program positively influences driver behavior with a fun, engaging incentive-based system. Individual drivers and teams of drivers compete for rewards and recognition during a competition season, and can view their rankings and scores on their smartphones through the mobile app,” the company said. “Additionally, fleet managers have full access to a wealth of driver performance data to provide constructive performance recommendations and coaching, as well as generate detailed reports.”

 “As part of our commitment to customer success, Spireon is focused on delivering solutions that go well beyond location-based services to programs that drive real business results,” stated Steve Blair, senior vice president of enterprise sales. “The Spireon Driver Performance Program signals a significant evolution in the telematics industry, taking rich data and putting it into action by empowering the fleet drivers and operators with an exciting program full of positive reinforcement, recognition and incentives.”

While many of the program features are designed to improve driver behavior, the benefit of the program is increased business profitability, according to the company. Organizations that have deployed Spireon’s solution have seen up to a 50% drop in accidents by helping drivers identify and improve on risky behaviors, including speeding and aggressive driving such as hard braking and acceleration. The company added that customers have seen cost savings through fuel purchase reductions up to 15%, and up to 50% in idle time reduction.

“For us, the connection between driver performance and business results is crystal clear,” added Kris Peterinelli, director of fleet & pharmacy logistics, Triad Isotopes. “We quickly recognized a return on investment with our Spireon Driver Performance Program deployment, achieving significant operational cost savings in addition to the significant benefit of having drivers that enjoy the engaging program format.”

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