Trincon webinar addresses the driver shortage

Trincon Group announced that on Aug. 18 at 11 a.m. EST it will hold a webinar to address the driver shortage and what individual trucking firms can do – and must do – to respond. 

According to Duff Swain, president of Trincon: “The industry has been talking about the driver shortage for years – it’s time for action. We keep doing the same things over and over again, but the problem persists. It's time we tried something new. We can't wait because the longer we wait the more critical the problem is going to become. The answer starts with individual carriers and their relationship with their drivers, with schools, with their customers, and the community. Improved economic conditions along with an aging driver population means that the problem is going to get worse – not better.”

 “We have worked with companies across the country on this issue, we know the impact that high turnover has on productivity and profitability,” Swain explained. “We also know that this doesn’t need to continue, that there are approaches and solutions that can significantly reduce turnover, and create an environment where both drivers and owners benefit.”

According to the company, the webinar will take a look at driver development and retention and suggest some new ideas and solutions:

  • Looking at drivers as “professionals” and as employees looking for a long-term career path
  • Implementing hiring and “on-boarding” procedures that encourage retention and longevity
  • Providing compensation that rewards skills, experience and tenure in addition to productivity
  • Fulfilling employee’s (drivers) need for defined expectations, recognition and consistent communication
  • Defining processes that hold drivers accountable

Through the webinar, Trincon said it will explore ways to address these questions, and others, and start to define steps carriers can take now to attract new drivers, and perhaps keep the ones they have.

For more information and to register for the webinar, visit or call 614-442-0590.

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