Trucker Path: Reality of truck parking shortage

36% of locations still have available parking slots during peak hours, according to Trucker Path analysis

The shortage of available truck parking spots at public and private facilities along the National Highway System will continue to worsen as commercial vehicle traffic grows and thousands more drivers convert to electronic logging devices (ELDs) ahead of the December 2017 enforcement deadline, according to Trucker Path.

“By accurately tracking compliance with hours-of-service rules, ELDs have made it critical for drivers to plan ahead and locate available truck parking at facilities for required 30-minute breaks and 10-hour off duty periods, among other daily activities,” Trucker Path said.

More than 30% of all Class 8 drivers in the United States now have transparent access to truck parking availability by using the Trucker Path Pro mobile app to optimize their daily trip planning.

According to analysis by Trucker Path, 12% of truck parking locations along the NHS are empty during peak hours on weekdays from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m., and 24% have empty spots, for a total of 36% availability.

Trucker Path Pro has more than 400,000 active users that provide in excess of 136,000 weekly updates on parking locations, the company said. The company added it combines real-time updates from the crowdsourcing app with three years of historical data to predict availability at locations by day of week and time.

“The data makes it incredibly clear that access to information is key to addressing the truck parking shortage," says Ivan Tsybaev, founder of Trucker Path. “Our crowdsourcing technology obtains updates from multiple users at each location to verify parking status and deliver highly accurate, real-time trip planning tools to professional drivers."

Based on the reviews posted by users of its crowd-sourced trip planning app, Trucker Path also has released a list of the truck stop locations with unanimous five-star ratings. See the Top 9 List on

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