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Video Technology in Transportation is Still in Its Infancy

This is my debut article as the Fleet Owner IdeaXchange Xpert for video technologies in trucking and transportation.

I’ll kick things off by telling you what the range of content will be for regular information and updates coming for what I will call generically “video”. It is virtually unlimited! There is so much to explore and report starting with the basics like what are the pros and cons of video? What are the reasons driving the demand for video? Where are we in the video technology adoption cycle for fleets? How does video work today and where is it going? When is the right time to start due diligence? Is taking on video technology right for our fleet as this time? These questions are just the beginning. What I promise to you is that I will try to keep these columns short as bite sized consumable reading with easy “takeaways”. Not quite Twitter short, but short enough to grab your attention without glossing your eyes over providing you with important, easy, and fast information having some fun along the way. More than just a headline but NOT an essay or whitepaper. (Who has time for that?)

It’s my estimate from public information that at best only about 5% of the class 8 market has installed or announced intentions to deploy a video solution of any kind. It’s probably more like 2% or 3%. There are a number of reasons for that but suffice it to say fleets indeed are interested in video with some kicking the cameras (or tires), some are testing, with others in one stage or another of due diligence, while a lot are taking a wait and see attitude. Fleets are learning, listening, comparing prices and value. However, with the current ELD focus on everyone’s mind, the cost and commitment for video and implementation, concern with driver turnover and acceptance, but especially with the driver shortage crisis that keeps getting worse, many fleets are holding on to their cash for a while to see how this is all going to play out. Video is moving from “Innovators” to the beginning of “Early Adopters” but again its only in single digits right now. So stay tuned. Therefore, today’s takeaway is: “Video Technology in Transportation is Still in Its Infancy”.


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