Webinar: Eight ways to improve driver retention

If you think you’ve heard it all before when it comes to the subject of driver retention, think again. A free webinar today, Nov. 16, at 2 ET/11 PT, brings together one of the country’s top driver retention experts and two fleet executives for a fresh look at solutions for the problem of driver retention.

Join Leah Shaver, chief operating officer for The National Transportation Institute; Doug Schrier vice-president of continuous improvement and program management for the Covenant Transportation Group; and Rob Hatchett, vice-president, marketing and communications also with the Covenant Transportation Group to learn about:

  • The missing link between good recruiting and driver retention
  • Better ways to manage pay
  • The signing bonus myth
  • “Rewards” drivers really don’t care about versus those that make a difference
  • How to improve communication with drivers
  • The role of mobile technology and driver apps in driver satisfaction
  • Important tips for making drivers feel like an appreciated member of your team

Register today for the webinar – the first in a special series of programs presented by Fleet Owner and Sponsored by Geotab.

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