CarriersEdge, Kunkel offer online safety courses

New training courses are the result of a partnership between CarriersEdge and Kunkel & Associates Inc. The Iowa-based insurance brokerage company will now provide its customers more than 70 training courses and resources to oversee a larger employee training program.

Kunkel & Associates is the latest—but not the first—to partner with CarriersEdge. Predecessors in professional trucking, insurance and brokerages have worked with the online driver training enterprise to expand available services, according to the company.

The package from CarriersEdge provides full-length review courses covering a breadth of topics. The reminders on hours-of-service are especially timely in light of the new ELD rules. These courses can be accessed at any time, on a variety of devices, with user engagement tracked remotely to monitor the specifics of who has taken what and the score earned on the subsequent quiz.

Jason Knockel, chief executive officer of Kunkel & Associates, said these newly-available resources help connect the dots between employees located across the country.

“We understand that developing a culture in the trucking industry can be challenging, especially with drivers commonly being located hundreds to thousands of miles from one another and the company’s terminal,” Knockel said. “We believe that developing a strong culture can be facilitated through the use of online training and resources. This allows drivers the ability to access these tools anywhere, providing the company with a channel to communicate clear and consistent messages to the entire team.”

CarriersEdge chief executive Jane Jazrawy emphasized teamwork and safety as cornerstones of the company.

“We share a belief that a strong corporate culture improves safety, and also improves business performance,” Jazrawy said. “Online safety training courses give drivers the training they need, in a convenient format, to keep them safe on the road.”

With the appropriate training, accidents and claims are diminished, while documentation is prioritized and improved to meet the needs of trucking fleets and insurance providers.

“Those are important contributors to building and maintaining a company culture in which safety is a priority,” Jazrawy said. “Everyone in the trucking industry has a role to play in keeping everyone on the road safe every day,” Jazrawy said.

The Kunkel/CarriersEdge program is offered as a monthly subscription service with unlimited use of all material, priced according to number of drivers who have access.

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