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Companies across America celebrate National Driver Appreciation Week

This week, drivers all across America are being celebrated during National Driver Appreciation Week, September 9-15. Companies like Volvo Trucks, Denny's, Dart Transit Company and Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF), are putting together films, podcasts, digital campaigns, and special discounts to honor America's drivers. Here's a look at some of the ways drivers are being appreciated this week. 

Volvo Trucks thanks professional truck drivers: Volvo Trucks created a film titled “The Movers” that celebrates the many roles a driver plays in his or her world. Whether it's a mother, father, best friend, or driver, Volvo recognizes the importance of drivers and their contribution to America's community.

Denny’s thanks professional drivers with a month of discounts: Eat your heart out, America's truck drivers. For the whole month of September, Denny's is offering discounts to drivers with deals like free Original Grand Slam with a beverage purchase, 20% off entire guest check, and more. 

Special podcast thanking the people behind the wheel: The Dart Transit Company produced a podcast featuring interviews with a range of Dart employees, from its leadership team to receptionists at the front desk to commemorate its drivers and owner operators in the Dart Network. 

Trucking Moves America Forward celebrates America’s truck drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: TMAF has released a billboard and digital campaign to honor America's drivers as well as educate America's community on the contribution drivers provide for the nation.



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