FFE to increase mileage and stop rates for independent drivers

FFE Transportation Services announced the company’s highest rate increase in over 70 years for independent contractors. Effective April 2, FFE will issue an across-the-board increase in its cents-per-mile and stop rate for all current and future independent contractors providing capacity to FFE.

"This is a significant rate increase that will put us in the top tier for rates offered for additional capacity to independent contractors," said Jim Richards, FFE president and CEO. "Our LTL business is very strong—the strongest I've seen in 30 years. And we're excited that we are able to allow our independent contractors the opportunity to increase their business revenue."

The Dallas-based transportation company will offer contractors $1.40 per mile for 0-150 miles, $1.30 for 151-399 miles, and $0.95 for 400-plus miles; empty loads will pay 90 cents per mile. Stop pay will be $65, according to the company website.

"Contracting with high-quality independent contractors is a priority with us, and, because FFE has 13 service centers throughout the country, independent contractors have the ability to grow their businesses without constantly being away from home," Richards said. "As the largest refrigerated LTL carrier in the nation, we're committed to providing our business partners with everything they need to be successful, from competitive contract rates, to being one of the safest fleets in the country."

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