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Minimizer releases Long Haul Series mattress

A year after introducing its Long Haul Series Seat, Minimizer is releasing a mattress that is designed and specified for professional, over-the-road truck drivers.

“My engineers researched mattresses for over a year and found a big gap with what’s available in a home mattress versus a truck mattress,” Minimizer CEO Craig Kruckeberg said.  “It shouldn’t be like that.  Why would truck drivers be expected to sleep on something inferior to what the rest of the world has available?  So we set out to make the finest mattress available for professional drivers.  Based on test feedback, I’m confident we hit a home run!”

According to the company, the new Long Haul Series Mattress is made using organic latex foam. Unlike memory foam, which retains body heat and conforms around your body, latex offers breathability and buoyancy, regulating your temperature as you sleep and reacting instantly to sleeping position change, the company noted. 

“When you warm up at night, you tend to sweat,” Dr. Kelly Nesvold of Wellness 1st Chiropractic said.  “When you sweat, you’re going to have a tendency to wake up more and lose quality of sleep.  Latex has the ability to keep you cool all night long.”

The mattress is also naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, meaning drivers will not find mold, mildew, bacteria or dust mites living in their mattress, the company explained.

“When you think of allergens, you think of congestion,” Nesvold said.  “A congested airway is a partially closed airway, so that person is not going to breath as well at night and they’re not going to get as much oxygen.  Sleep apnea is a huge issue in the trucking industry, so we want to make sure people have open airways and are breathing well, and a latex mattress helps bring that to the table.”

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