TruckerLine app aims to streamline driver recruiting

TruckerLine app aims to streamline driver recruiting

Online tool puts truckers in charge of professional reputations

Brokers, shippers and carriers have a convenient new source for driver histories and documentation: the drivers themselves.

Truckerline enables drivers to build complete career profiles with essential paperwork, and then provide interested parties one-click access to that information.

Outset Partners Inc. has developed the web-based platform and mobile app, and the startup’s founder foresees a range of lifestyle uses for the TruckerLine platform as its driver-focused social network grows, CEO Chad Cashin explained to Fleet Owner. But the company’s initial aim is no less ambitious.

“Our goal at this point is to take a different spin on the driver shortage, and to empower the drivers to fix the problem a little bit better—rather than the industry throwing money at the problem, hoping they can speed up the turnstile and bring drivers in,” Cashin said. “Giving drivers a voice in their own reputation and their own sense of pride is a step in the right direction.”

Indeed, some 30% of driver recruits are dropped from carriers’ consideration because of background checks—and the driver’s had thought all was well, according to Outset’s discussions with transportation companies. With TruckerLine, the proper documentation, from a driver whose profile fits the carrier’s query, arrives in the recruiter’s in-box.

To achieve that end, TruckerLine provides drivers an opportunity to pull together a work history outside of the traditional (and arguably negatively skewed) DAC employment reports, Cashin continued.

 “We’re keeping things simple, but the idea is that if you have a professional profile, you want to have that profile as effective as possible right from the get-go,” Cashin said, as he walked through the steps involved in building an individual profile.

TruckerLine enables drivers to quickly scan copies of their professional documents with their mobile device (CDL, resume, TWIC cards, insurance documents, etc.); while tamperproof documentation such as MVRs and driver-initiated background checks can be quickly ordered and delivered to their TruckerLine profile.

“Drivers can submit applications and bids that demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and provide both shippers and employers with all of the right information,” Cashin said.

The applications and bids would come in the form of an email invitation with a temporary password to access the driver’s documents and profile information. The data is secure, Cashin emphasized, and the user has complete control over who has access to it.

TruckerLine’s approach is gaining the interest of carriers who see its unique potential, he added. West Coast-based Core-Mark has partnered with Outset to develop a more efficient way for carriers to recruit drivers via TruckerLine, while ultimately keeping the app driver-friendly.

“TruckerLine will make its users increasingly sought-after in the industry by enabling employers to make faster and more accurate hiring decisions, which ultimately benefits everyone involved,” Joe Wegener, vice president of human resources at Core-Mark, said.

The TruckerLine mobile app is available for download in the Google Play and Apple App stores, and will be free for drivers, outside of small fees for optional background reports. 

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