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Price Digests Highest Retained Value Awards for Commercial Trucks

New awards determine which trucks hold their value best

Wondering if your fleet trucks have better residual value than others? B2B vehicle data provider Price Digests is about to announce winners of its first Highest Retained Value Awards for commercial trucks. Price Digests' history in vehicle pricing and valuation data goes back seven decades.

Winners of the awards will be announced Weds., Nov. 7 and will represent the model series in each category determined to retain the highest percentage of original value over a five-year period.

The awards cover nine categories within Class 4-8 trucks, according to Price Digests, ranging from medium to heavy-duty models. Major manufacturers included in the list of finalists include Freightliner, Volvo, and Peterbilt.

"For years, our Truck Blue Book analyst team has been working with major financial institutions to calculate reliable residual values for commercial trucks," noted Dan Smith, managing director of Price Digests.

"The Highest Retained Value Awards represent an opportunity for us to share this expertise in truck valuation, a service provided since the 1940s, with the larger trucking industry," he added, calling the awards "a natural extension of our core mission to provide data solutions that drive better asset decisions." 

The complete list of 2019 Price Digests Highest Retained Value Award finalists, including the methodology used to determine program winners, is available at


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