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Samsara launches tools focused on sustainable fleets

April 24, 2023
New features include fleet insights on fuel economy and customized sustainability reports that allow fleets to visualize their emissions, monitor output across locations, and pinpoint potential improvement areas.

Samsara’s fuel efficiency and electric vehicle Connected Operations Cloud is expanding with its new Sustainable Fleet Management solution, designed to empower customers with more data-driven insights to reduce emissions, jump-start electrification, and meet company sustainability goals.

Along with fleets’ continued drive for fuel and energy efficiency, federal and local governments are enacting more stringent emissions policies for trucks of all sizes. Shippers also are putting more of a premium on sustainability, putting carriers under more pressure to show their environmental impacts.

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“Electric vehicles have the potential to significantly reduce environmental impact, knowing that transportation is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions across the globe. With the right technology infrastructure, it is possible in various operations to do this without compromising your supply chain,” said Tim Campbell, managing director and commercial vehicle decarbonization consultant at Campbells Consultancy. “Commercial fleet electrification has yet to reach an inflection point, but with increased regulatory incentives and reporting requirements, preparedness for this operational shift remains critical.”

Transportation emissions account for more than a quarter of total greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. "More than half of which come from light-duty vehicles and a quarter of which comes from heavy-duty vehicles and trucks," Sen. Edward Markey (D-Massachusetts) said during a Senate hearing on emissions on April 18. "Cars and trucks also produce nitrogen oxides and other toxic pollution that increases asthma and cancer rates, harming public health and disproportionately affecting Black, brown, and indigenous communities."

Samsara’s Sustainable Fleet Management solution is designed to support customers along every step of their sustainability journey, according to the fleet technology company. Here’s a look at some of Samsara’s new and enhanced features:

  • Fuel & Energy Hub is a one-stop shop for mixed fuel fleets—including internal combustion engine (ICE), EV, and hybrid vehicles—to ensure their drivers and assets perform optimally to support sustainability goals. With this new dashboard, operations leaders can visualize a fleet's performance while gathering actionable insights into fuel economy, cost, and consumption to direct change confidently and precisely. Fuel & Energy Hub is now available in open beta.
  • Sustainability Report, allowing customers to visualize their fleet emissions and monitor output across sites and vehicles to pinpoint improvement areas. This report also provides insight into current and predicted fleet emissions over time, so customers can set more accurate targets and track progress against their sustainability goals. The Sustainability Report is now available in open beta.
    • Charge Control, combatting driver range anxiety by managing real-time EV charging at scale and quickly identifying charging issues. Now, customers can create custom charging profiles by groups or individual vehicles and receive notifications for irregularities. Charge Control will be available in open beta this summer.
      • EV Suitability Report, providing customers with a tailored list of ICE vehicles within their fleet that are most suitable for EV transition. As an evolution of Samsara’s existing Fleet Electrification Report, this new report now includes an assessment for all vehicle types and allows customers to configure electrification criteria for advanced recommendations. EV Suitability Report is now generally available.
        Samsara customers can leverage these features alongside the platform's existing Fuel & Energy Report, Driver Efficiency Report, Idling Events Report, Fleet Benchmarks Report, and more.

        "At M Group Services, we're committed to achieving a 50% reduction in direct carbon emissions by 2030 and reaching net zero before 2050," said Shaun Stephenson, interim managing director at M Group Services Plant & Fleet Solutions. "Samsara helps us achieve those goals, giving us the data and tools we need to shift to more eco-friendly energy sources and empowering our drivers to be more aware of their impact on the environment."

        ESG: A safer, sustainable world

        Samsara also released its annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, "Building a safer and more sustainable world." This report details its progress to date and the principles that guide the company's ESG commitments, including transparency and accountability, data-driven solutions, and empowering its people and communities.

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        "To provide an accurate assessment of their ESG momentum, organizations need a simple way to analyze data points across their entire operations. We're hearing this more often from our customers as they look for technology partners to track and report progress toward these goals," said Jeff Hausman, chief product officer at Samsara. "With this new solution, we're able to provide our customers with fuel economy, vehicle utilization, and emissions insights that will help them better understand their opportunity for improvement and take action."

        Samsara's Sustainable Fleet Management solution is now available to customers across North America and Europe.

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