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Ryder creates ‘turnkey’ EV fleet solution

May 5, 2023
RyderElectric+, introduced during ACT Expo, comes with EV advisory, vehicle lease, charging, telematics, and maintenance services.

ANAHEIM, California—Ryder System debuted an end-to-end EV fleet solution it is calling RyderElectric+ during the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo that it is dubbing a “turnkey electric vehicle fleet solution.”

The new system is designed to help fleets navigate electrification by providing advisers, vehicles, charging, telematics, and maintenance all for one price. 

“For the first time, we have put together a solution that incorporates items and steps that simplify the process of adding EVs to your fleet,” Carlo Rodriguez, Ryder’s group director for advanced vehicle technology, told a small crowd gathered around the company’s ACT Expo booth minutes after the expansive convention exhibition hall opened to the public on May 2. 

Ryder is looking to serve as a centralized source for the fleet electrification journey using its fleet-management services in financing, facility infrastructure, charging, and maintenance for commercial EVs. This includes electrification advisers designed to help customers assess vehicle fit, estimate potential emission reduction and total cost impact, evaluate charging service requirements, provide guidance on availability of potential grants, and build out an EV transition roadmap.

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“Remember, in 1876, Benz developed the ICE engine,” Rodriguez noted. “We feel like now is the right time for this new technology and solutions. And we believe it’ll be as big—or have a bigger impact—for the next 150 years.”

The new solution also provides access to Ryder’s inventory of advanced vehicle technology that would include financing, warranty, and safety options, as well as the company’s national maintenance footprint, 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, on-the-road usage/telematics for fleet insights, and EV chargers at select Ryder locations.

“By combining our expertise, advisory services, and relationships with vehicle manufacturers and charging companies as well as our integration with telematics providers, we help companies build and maintain an electric fleet that fits their needs,” Karen Jones, Ryder CMO and head of new product innovation, said before the unveiling at ACT Expo. “We aim to help make the integration of electric vehicles as seamless as possible by offering solutions that are streamlined through one provider at one cost.”

Ryder recently announced its plan to introduce 4,000 BrightDrop Zevo 600 and Zevo 400 electric vans to its lease and rental fleet through 2025. To date, Ryder’s current fleet and options of advanced vehicle technology include Ford E-Transits, Navistar eMV, Lonestar EVs with Dana’s electric powertrain, and Freightliner MT50e, eM2, and eCascadia. Ryder also has Tesla Semi tractors reserved and continues to work with multiple OEMs to provide new EV solutions to its customers.

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