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Geotab sustainability

Geotab starts sustainability alliance to support companies with electrification and decarbonization

Jan. 16, 2024
The Geotab Sustainability Alliance has over 28 partners and provides solutions and data insights to help fleets address sustainability challenges.

Geotab Inc. recently started the Geotab Sustainability Alliance, a group of solution and service providers dedicated to creating solutions that help fleets operate efficiently and reduce their carbon footprint. With 28 alliance partners and growing, the Geotab Sustainability Alliance has the expertise and experience to support fleets with various needs, including increasing sustainability, reducing risk, and meeting regulatory requirements.

The transport sector is responsible for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., according to the EPA, and 23% globally, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The Geotab Sustainability Alliance is helping scale EV adoption and sustainable transformation by offering companies solutions and data insights to make informed decisions, measure progress, and take action to achieve their goals.

“Data insights are critical to measuring and managing environmental impact and moving the needle on sustainability. The Geotab Sustainability Alliance is accelerating change and helping organizations not only meet their targets but improve their bottom line,” said Neil Cawse, founder and CEO of Geotab.

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Geotab Sustainability Alliance partners include:

  • Electric vehicle OEMs: Offering Geotab embedded, cloud-to-cloud, or factory-installed Geotab GO9 connected vehicle solutions on new EVs to simplify EV fleet management.
  • Charge management and EV charging station providers: Optimizing charging to ensure EVs are ready when needed while supporting cost and carbon reduction.
  • Fuel management providers: Tracking and reducing fuel consumption for improved carbon footprint.
  • Route optimization partners: Helping fleets determine efficient ways to deploy EVs and reduce miles traveled, costs, and emissions.
  • EV fleet and sustainability consultants: Supporting strategic planning by enhancing EV and sustainability professional services and software solutions with data insights.
  • Emerging solutions: Geotab is collaborating with companies to develop solutions in ESG software, battery health, and charging-as-a-service providers.

Geotab Sustainability Alliance partner solutions integrate with vehicle telematics to accelerate fleets' efficiency gains and decarbonization efforts. Integrated partner solutions from the Geotab Marketplace streamline EV management for fleet operators by providing a single pane of glass dashboard to extract meaningful data insights. Geotab’s EV data support across multiple OEMs and over 300 EV makes and models further strengthen these integrated solutions.

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