Nikola Hyla hydrogen
Nikola Hyla hydrogen
Nikola Hyla hydrogen
Nikola Hyla hydrogen
Nikola Hyla hydrogen

Nikola opens first Hyla H2 fueling station in SoCal

Feb. 6, 2024
Up to 40 Nikola hydrogen fuel-cell electric Class 8 trucks can be fueled daily at the Ontario, California, station.

Nikola, through the Hyla brand, recently opened its first Hyla hydrogen refueling station in Southern California. With its modular fueler, Nikola’s station at 2445 East Guasti Road in Ontario, California, is the company’s next step to offer hydrogen refueling solutions for Class 8 trucks.  

Up to 40 Nikola hydrogen fuel-cell electric Class 8 trucks will be able to be fueled daily at the Ontario station. The station is part of a plan to establish up to 60 hydrogen refueling stations in the coming years, nine of which are scheduled to be in place by the end of Q2 2024.

Nikola will provide 24/7 support to its customers via Hyla ambassadors and operation technicians on-site.

“We are thrilled to open the first Hyla hydrogen refueling station in Southern California, marking a significant milestone for Nikola and offering convenient access for our customers,” said Ole Hoefelmann, president of the Nikola Energy division. “Easing the transition to a zero-emission trucking future and prioritizing access to a hydrogen solution network is our top objective, and we’re just getting started. Once the nine planned solutions are in place by mid-2024, Nikola will have established one of the world’s largest heavy-duty hydrogen refueling networks, providing customers accessibility at their current locations and along their planned routes.”

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Nikola plans to build a robust hydrogen supply chain and refueling infrastructure to support its growing customer base. The continued development of the refueling ecosystem is anticipated to further facilitate the adoption of hydrogen fuel-cell electric trucks and contribute to the decarbonization of transportation.

The Hyla refueling solutions network will offer Nikola hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles and other Class 8 customers flexible refueling options, including modular and permanent Hyla stations, customer-owned facilities, and partnerships with public truck stops. Part of this network includes the recently announced 10-year agreement with FirstElement Fuel for a hydrogen refueling station in Oakland, California.

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