Major beverage distributor joins hybrid crowd

Aug. 28, 2008
The nation’s fifth largest beverage distributor, Crescent Crown Distributing, will lease three Peterbilt Model 335 Hybrid Class 7 tractors through PacLease

The nation’s fifth largest beverage distributor, Crescent Crown Distributing, will lease three Peterbilt Model 335 Hybrid Class 7 tractors through PacLease.

Two of the trucks will be based in Crescent’s Phoenix distribution center and serviced by Rush Truck Leasing, the local PacLease franchise. The third vehicle will be at company headquarters in New Orleans. Crescent delivers 26 million cases of product each year.

“The future is now when it comes to reducing fuel and being a good corporate citizen,” said Rich Marchant, vp of operations for Crescent Crown Distributing. “We’re entering the age of hybrid technology with PacLease and Peterbilt vehicles – it’s our first step. We expect to save up to 35% in our fuel bill with these trucks. And, down the road, that can make quite an impact as we typically buy more than 310,000 gals. per year for our delivery trucks.”

The Model 335’s can reduce tailpipe emissions of hydrocarbons by as much as 60%, carbon monoxide by about 50%, and nitrogen oxide by more than 40%, according to Peterbilt. The hybrid truck uses an electric motor that works with the diesel engine to supply supplemental torque. The system stores energy during stopping through regenerative braking and then uses it for acceleration.

“We have a high comfort level with PacLease and Peterbilt in leasing these new hybrids,” Marchant said. “We look at the hybrids as a way to be good corporate stewards in the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions while doing our part for the environment.”

According to Marchant, the Peterbilt hybrids are projected to offer a positive ROI for the company over the course of the lease with PacLease.

The trucks, which will be delivered in September, have already created a stir among drivers, according to Marchant. “It’s not just management who’s excited to get these trucks,” he said. “Drivers are as well. They know the quality, comfort and ride of Peterbilt trucks. They’re excited.”

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