The connections are the key

March 2, 2018
Connected and automated vehicle technology will spur efficiencies as well as volumes of data to be processed and utilized.

The connection and automation of commercial vehicles will result in both efficiencies and data to be utilized.  Fleet managers, logistics professionals, infrastructure managers and others will want and need this new data to help manage future projects.

ACT Expo has three breakout sessions at their conference this year that will help all involved with the management of connected fleets to handle this new influx of information.

More about these and other educational opportunities can be found at

Dealing with Data to Maximize Fleet Efficiency and Productivity

As the commercial transportation sector becomes increasing connected, the volume of data being made available to fleet operations teams, management personnel and decision-makers is enormous – and potentially overwhelming. Through effective management and use of this information, significant improvements to a fleet’s operations, efficiency and overall performance can be achieved. To maximize the return on connected vehicle technologies, telematics systems and other fleet management tools, organizations must have the right systems and personnel in place to sort through and process this incoming data. Learn how leading fleet operators manage big data in their operations in order to maximize asset utilization and productivity, improve driver performance, and in turn, reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs and emissions.

Gaining Efficiencies through Connected and Automated Technologies

Current connected and autonomous technologies are only a fraction of what is now under development. As more advanced options become available, the traditional heavy-duty transportation landscape is poised to transform. But how and to what end? Learn how communication among vehicles, infrastructure, and the cloud can assist with crash elimination, manage traffic flow, reduce the need for new infrastructure, predict travel time, reduce driver tasks, and aid in the convergence of technologies that will inevitably realign the commercial trucking industry.

Connected Vehicle Technology Workshop (in partnership with Penske)                                           

As connected vehicle technologies have begun to emerge they have brought with them opportunities for improved operational, economic and environmental performance. From route optimization and vehicle maintenance to driver productivity and fuel savings, fleets of all types—big or small, diesel or alt-fuel—can leverage advanced technologies and vehicle data to inform decisions. Learn about the connected vehicle technologies that are on the market today; how they can be leveraged to reduce costs, maximize uptime and performance, and improve safety and compliance; and gain insight into what is in store for the future of this revolutionary trend.

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