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FleetUp and RoadFlex integrate fuel management solutions

July 3, 2024
The integrated solution from FleetUp and RoadFlex allows fleet operations to be streamlined through comprehensive fuel risk management, savings automation, and real-time vehicle analytics.

FleetUp and RoadFlex, two providers of fleet management solutions, have individually built solutions that help fleets save time and money. The integration between these two companies is an additional step in helping fleets achieve 360-degree vehicle data connectivity and leverage reporting and analytics.

The companies have automated fleet expense management and fuel management, from data collection to reporting. The integrated solution allows fleet operations to be streamlined through comprehensive fuel risk management, savings automation, and real-time vehicle analytics, according to the companies.

Fuel fraud and theft account for more than 10% of business costs nationwide. With the new integration, fleets can lower the risk of fraudulent card purchases.

The RoadFlex software offers fleet managers visibility into every purchase, with customizable spending controls tailored to different employees and titles. For example, the fleet manager of a trucking company could set limits for various merchant categories that their drivers are allowed to spend on, as well as specific spending limits for each. If a driver tries to make a transaction outside the spending limits or merchant categories, the transaction would be automatically blocked, and the fleet manager would receive an alert in real-time.

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“Connected fleet operations are more important than ever," Dennis Chang, CEO of RoadFlex, said. "An integration with FleetUp helps our mutual customers make more intelligent decisions. This is the new era of fleet automation. Customers save an average of over 10 hours weekly by automating fleet expense management and other administrative tasks."

The combined solution verifies purchases by ensuring the card is used by the appropriate employee and vehicle while also blocking and flagging suspicious transactions for immediate review in real time. This is done by combining real-time vehicle telematics data with Level 3 fuel transaction data. Additionally, the combined solution blocks purchases that would exceed a vehicle’s fuel tank capacity and alerts fleet managers if the wrong fuel type is purchased for a specific vehicle.

“By integrating our fleet management platform with RoadFlex’s fuel management tools, we provide a comprehensive solution to prevent fuel fraud and streamline operations," Ezra Kwak, CEO of FleetUp, said. "FleetUp and RoadFlex are committed to delivering essential technology that helps users and their fleet operators stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.”

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