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Accuride Distribution Center Photo: Accuride
Accuride announced it has extended its North American Distribution network and will offer aftermarket customers a full range of Accuride wheels and KIC and Gunite-brand wheel-end components.

Accuride expands North American distribution network

Accuride announced expansion will help improve lead times for most popular products.

Accuride Corporation has extended its North American Distribution network to provide targeted customer coverage in regional markets and offer aftermarket customers the full range of Accuride wheels and KIC and Gunite-brand wheel-end components, the company announced. 

“Acquiring wheel and wheel-end component supplier KIC in May 2017 has enabled Accuride to further strengthen its network of distribution centers to supply customer locations across North America,” the company stated. “Through an in-depth analysis of its combined customer ship-to locations, purchasing patterns, product stocking requirements and lane optimization, Accuride has strategically realigned its distribution resources to more efficiently serve its customers in North America.”  

During the first quarter of 2018, Accuride explained it will phase in operation of five additional North American Distribution Centers, augmenting its primary Batavia, IL, distribution facility. Accuride added that nearly all facilities in the network will offer customers the opportunity to order mixed-load shipments of Accuride wheels and KIC and Gunite-brand wheel end components. In addition, the move will allow Accuride to offer reduced lead times on the majority of its high-volume products across industry channels, the company noted.

“Combining the complimentary product and technology offerings of Accuride, KIC and Gunite this year enables us to provide customers a greater range of solutions than ever before,” according to Accuride president and CEO Rick Dauch.  “With our expanded distribution network, our products will be available when and where customers need them, on shorter, competitive lead times for our most popular, in-demand products.” 

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