Aerofficient unveils two new trailer fairing products

Side fairings for intermodal container chassis and a lower-cost line of side fairings for both dry van and refrigerated trailers were introduced this week by Aerofficient at the American Trucking Association's annual conference, being held in Las Vegas this year.

Jim Reiman, Aerofficient’s CEO, said his company’s new intermodal chassis fairings feature a patent-pending design to help them withstand damage when a container is being loaded onto a chassis, with the top of the fairing able to flex and bend to absorb the shock of an imperfect loading operation.

"We spent a great deal of time and resources studying this market before creating our new intermodal chassis fairing," Reiman noted. "Durability and the necessity to absorb shocks and collisions with containers during the loading and un-loading process were identified as 'mission critical' design criteria.”

The firm’s new line of fairings for dry van and refrigerated trailers – called "Aerofficient Basic" – feature the exact same geometry, panels and attachment clamps its current fairing offering, lacking only the hinge. 

“Adding the hinge is an expense that some fleets just do not need due to the nature of their particular transport,” explained Reiman. “Those fleets with less experienced drivers, steep loading docks and unpredictable or extreme conditions will be encouraged to use our original hinged design. Bu those with less extreme conditions will find our ‘Basic ’line a more cost effective solution since both lines generate the same fuel savings.”

He added that the “Basic” line fairings features the ability to bend inward and outward to negotiate obstacles as high as 18 in., weighs 97 lbs. in standard installation, while also resisting warping due to sunlight and cracking from cold temperatures. 

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