Alliance Truck Parts launches coolant/antifreeze product line

Alliance Truck Parts has added nitrite-free organic additive technology (OAT) and nitrited organic additive technology (NOAT) extended life coolant/antifreeze products to its coolant line.  Specially formulated for severe-duty applications, these coolants are designed to further reduce the total cost of ownership for truckers by improving heat transfer and water pump seal life, Alliance said.

“The technology that these new coolants provide is really what makes them stand out in the marketplace today,” said Todd Biggs, director of aftermarket parts and service marketing for Daimler Trucks North America.  “When we compare our new red extended-life coolants to the pink or traditional green formulations, we are seeing drivers save approximately $600-$900 per year in coolant and maintenance costs.”

Both OAT and NOAT are specifically formulated to meet requirements of today’s technologically advanced heavy-duty engines and are compatible with all quality coolants.

Alliance OAT is designed to provide extreme long-term wet sleeve liner cavitation and corrosion protection of all cooling system components. It comes with a 1 million mile/20,000 off-road hours guarantee. 

Alliance NOAT extended life coolant is also designed to provide effective long-term wet sleeve liner cavitation and corrosion protection of all cooling system components and is available in full strength and 50/50. It is good for 750,000 miles/15,000 hours with top-off as needed.

“With over 40% of truck downtime being related to cooling system failure, drivers should invest in a quality coolant,” said Biggs. “Alliance coolant is formulated to support new engines and to help them to run harder and longer - all while reducing the total cost of ownership and saving drivers money.”

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