Amsoil updates diesel fuel additive line

Two of the products in Amsoil’s diesel fuel additive line have new formulations and the entire line has been repackaged, the company said.

The new formulations of Amsoil Diesel Injector Clean and Amsoil Diesel Injector Clean + Cold Flow are designed to clean tough-to-remove deposits in modern high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) diesel injectors as well as the traditional deposits found in older generation  injectors, Amsoil said.

Amsoil Diesel Cetane Boost and Amsoil Diesel Cold Flow formulations remain unchanged, but each features new packaging.

Each product in the diesel fuel additive line is highly concentrated and focuses on addressing specific issues, the company said.

The products:

  • Amsoil Diesel Injector Clean targets tough deposits on high-pressure common-rail injectors. It is formulated for all diesel fuel systems, provides maximum horsepower, and reduces smoke and emissions. While increasing fuel economy up to 4.5%, Amsoil said its Diesel Injector Clean also adds lubricity to reduce fuel-pump and injector wear.
  • Amsoil Diesel Cold Flow combats fuel gelling while dispersing water to control ice formation keeping diesel engines running in cold temperatures.  Diesel Cold Flow improves diesel cold-flow ability by up to 20 deg. F and reduces downtime and maintenance costs. 
  • Amsoil Diesel Injector Clean + Cold Flow combines the benefits of Amsoil Diesel Injector Clean and Diesel Cold Flow in one convenient package. It is concentrated for rapid results and cleans stubborn deposits found on injectors while combating diesel fuel gelling in cold temperatures, the company said.
  • Amsoil Diesel Cetane Boost increases cetane up to seven points for maximum horsepower while increasing fuel economy as well, Amsoil said. Diesel Cetane Boost improves startability and smooths engine operation increasing customer appeal of diesel engines.
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