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All-makes not all made alike

Jan. 24, 2020
The aftermarket is packed with as many choices as your trailers are with freight (hopefully). Here are a few vital stats and differentiating factors to help with your purchasing decision.

This is the third of a three-part series on the changing aftermarket landscape and how to best source parts. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

The aftermarket is packed with as many choices as your trailers are with freight (hopefully). Along with independent after­market suppliers, many major OEMs offer common parts that fit on competitor brands as well. That begs the question, “If they are the same, how do you know what to pick?”

Here are a few vital stats and differentiating factors to help with your purchasing decision.

OEM: Navistar International
Started: 1969
Product lines: 120
Stores: 700
What sets apart: Navistar combines data from its OnCommand Connection (400,000 trucks worth) and dealer inventory alliance to predictively stock the right parts where they are needed.
Company says: “If we want to keep leadership in uptime, it’s not just important to get parts stocked on our shelves but dealers as well. We do a lot of predictive stocking of parts,” says Joe Kory, senior vice president of parts for Navistar.

TRP PartsOEM: PaccarStarted: 1994Product lines: 80+Stores:  54 stores in U.S. and Canada
What sets apart
:  The sheer size and consistency. TRP shipped 17.5 million order lines in in the first 10 months of 2019 and achieved a 99.9% accuracy.
Company says:
Technology in the warehouse and distribution center such as voice-activated picking, optimized pick paths, and custom inventories are just a few of the innovations that “lead to productivity, efficiency and next-day delivery for our customers,” explained Chris Scheel, senior director of marketing. TRP’s customer loyalty program also helps save participating fleets $3,500 annually.

Alliance Parts
OEM: Daimler Trucks North AmericaStarted: 1998Product lines: 50+Stores: 800
What sets apart:
Daimler is actively seeking to become the all-makes “value brand” by exploring international sourcing of parts.
Company says:
Daimler vets each supplier’s production capabilities and expertise, rigorously testing “to ensure whatever we put into an Alliance box is a quality product that our customers can count on and not leave them stranded somewhere,” said Brad Williamson, director of marketing, Alliance Parts & Detroit Reman. He adds the one-year, unlimited mile no hassle warranty provides additional reassurance.

Road Choice
OEM: Volvo Trucks North America
Started: 2013
Product lines: 40+
Stores: 500+
What sets apart: Volvo Trucks North America, which also includes Mack Trucks, defines “uptime” parts—those parts which will put a truck at risk of operation—and prioritizes stocking them within their distribution network of seven locations in the U.S. and Canada.
Company says: 
“They also leverage a vendor-managed inventory platform that ensures dealers will have the necessary parts on hand so that any maintenance or repair can be completed in the shortest time possible,” said Todd Shakespeare, director of parts marketing, Volvo Trucks North America.   

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John Hitch, based out of Cleveland, Ohio, is the editor of Fleet Maintenance, a B2B magazine that addresses the service needs for all commercial vehicle makes and models (Classes 1-8), ranging from shop management strategies to the latest tools to enhance uptime.

He previously wrote about equipment and fleet operations and management for FleetOwner, and prior to that, manufacturing and advanced technology for IndustryWeek and New Equipment Digest. He is an award-winning journalist and former sonar technician aboard a nuclear-powered submarine.

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