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Decked reveals next-gen drawer system for pickup trucks

Oct. 26, 2023
Pickup truck bed storage system provider Decked has unveiled the next generation of its Drawer System to organize and protect cargo. It also has updated its D-co Cases for safe storage of tools and other essentials within the Drawer System.

Truck bed storage system provider Decked has revealed the new generation of its Drawer System and D-co Case protective case line made to organize the contents of truck beds and cargo vans via weatherproof, lockable storage containers.

The Decked Drawer System is made to fit all full- and mid-size trucks and cargo vans produced in the past two decades, according to a press release from Decked. Owners can store essentials safely, such as tools, protecting them from the elements. The Drawer System creates a flat load floor in the bed, which the company said is perfect for loading heavy objects such as construction materials. Below the deck, full-bed-length weatherproof drawers secure tools, recreational gear, rescue equipment, and any other essentials.

Decked’s all-new Drawer System is offered in two configurations: full-size pickup trucks and cargo vans and mid-size trucks.

“After 10 years of listening to the feedback from our most rigorous testers and critics and constantly improving the products we were selling, it was time to scrap the old playbook and start over from scratch. That meant redesigning the product the way we knew it needed to be built,” said Decked VP of Marketing Greg Randolph. “This is a total redesign with new molds and tools as well as our very own in-house manufacturing. This is a huge leap forward for the customer and for Decked.” 

In addition, Decked has redesigned its original storage box line and emerged with a system of new protective storage cases, known as D-co Cases. The initial offering of six different form factors is constructed using a mineral reinforced polymer, which Decked stated is durable enough to drive over in one’s truck.

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Full-size truck Drawer System specs

  • 2,000-lb. deck payload
  • Two 18-inch-wide, full bed-length drawers
  • 200-lb. drawer payload (each)
  • 200-220-lb. product weight
  • Eight built-in 400-lb.-rated D-ring tie-downs
  • Outbound side storage and pass-through access to factory power outlets

Mid-size truck Drawer System specs

  • 1,000-lb. deck payload
  • One 42-inch-wide Super Drawer
  • 400-lb. payload capacity Super Drawer
  • 200-lb. product weight
  • Six built-in 400-lb.-rated D-ring tie-downs
  • Outbound side storage and pass-through access to OE power outlets
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