Green tire seal

Sept. 17, 2007
North Vancouver, BC-based Lyna Manufacturing Inc. is now offering its Tire Lyna “green” tire-sealant product to over-the- road truck fleets

North Vancouver, BC-based Lyna Manufacturing Inc. is now offering its Tire Lyna “green” tire-sealant product to over-the- road truck fleets. The firm says the product comes with special pricing and packaging options and a guarantee that it allows no less than a 5-PSI loss of air pressure over the life of the tire tread.

"We all know that properly inflated tires save fuel," stated Bill Jensen, vp of sales & marketing "We just don't think you need costly tire pressure systems and other devices to get you there. We've had this product in use on many different heavy vehicles for nearly seven years and each one has averaged a 2% minimum reduction in fuel costs. With today's fuel prices we understand how valuable that can be for long-haul fleets and owner-operators."

The company said Tire Lyna is an organic gel solution injected directly into the cavity of a new or used tire and wheel assembly. It is guaranteed to help control proper inflation by eliminating air loss due to porosity and bead leaks and by sealing tread punctures up to one quarter in., according to the company. In addition, Tire Lyna prevents the exposure of casings and rims to rust-inducing water, leading to a decrease in casing repair costs, added Lyna.

The gel solution is activated by the tire's normal dynamics, including centrifugal force and heat generated by friction between the tire and road surface. The company said results from over three years of development and seven years of extensive evaluations by tire and retread dealers as well as by government and commercial fleets have “confirmed that Tire Lyna's unique technology controls air pressure, keeps tires supple, reduces punctures and bead leaks, and increases retreadability.” Additionally, the product fulfills all commercial retreader requirements and does not affect a tire manufacturer's original casing warranty, said the firm.

Another benefit of Tire Lyna is its environmentally friendly formulation. The organic, non-toxic, water soluble, biodegradable gel is easily washed out of the casing and will not degrade over the life of tire, according to Lyna. In addition, by reducing premature casing disposal, Tire Lyna can eliminate the need for disposal of used tires, which often wind up in landfills, the company added.

Effective in tubeless tires inflated from 2 to 160 PSI, Tire Lyna is currently available directly from the manufacturer. Initial offerings include a starter pack consisting of eight 5-gal. pails of the product and a free aircraft-grade aluminum pump for installing the gel.
Future plans include availability of 55-gall. drums, volume pricing for fleets, special financing options and availability through select dealers and distributors, and a preventive maintenance support program.

For more information, call 877-847-3596 or 604-990-0988 or email [email protected].

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