Trojan Battery to power Bergstrom NITE Systems

Aug. 26, 2010
Trojan Battery Co. will supply absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery power for Bergstrom’s NITE no-idle line of products

Trojan Battery Co. will supply absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery power for Bergstrom’s NITE no-idle line of products.

Trojans’ Overdrive AGM 31 batteries will supply the power for the NITE Plus, NITE Phoenix, and NITE Day Cab.

“We are pleased to welcome Bergstrom and their NITE systems to Trojan’s global alliance of OEM partners,” said Elke Hirschman, vice president of marketing for Trojan Battery. “Trojan’s OverDrive AGM 31 battery is designed specifically to meet the heavy-duty cycling requirements of battery-powered, idle-elimination systems like the NITE climate solutions.”

According to Trojan Battery, to effectively power an auxiliary heating or cooling system like Bergstrom’s, a battery with deep cycling capabilities is required. The Overdrive is equipped with a thicker, more robust plate and a heavy-duty grid that makes it ideal for such applications.

The NITE systems are CARB-approved and generate emissions-free high BTU cooling capacity.

“Bergstrom is excited to have an alliance with Trojan Battery,” said Bill Gordon, national director of aftermarket sales and global marketing for Bergstrom. “With their excellent AGM battery technology we’re able to offer a broader range of battery choices to our no-idle solutions. The Trojan OverDrive battery represents the perfect addition to our full line of systems and accessories adding a cycling AGM alternative to other battery options such as the lithium ion battery that is currently under development.”

The OverDrive will also be made available through dealers’ respective OES parts programs. Bergstrom-affiliated aftermarket parts dealerships include Alliance Parts, Paccar Parts, PartSmart Parts and Volvo Mack Parts.

The OverDrive AGM 31 battery is a sealed deep cycle, AGM battery designed for powering no-idle HVAC systems over long periods of time. It provides a steady current in excess of 10 hours to effectively maintain power to the APU system.

The OverDrive AGM 31 comes with a 30-month warranty.

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