Benecor debuts first urea dispenser

Feb. 6, 2007
Benecor LLC unveiled what it calls the first urea dispenser for commercial and fleet applications here yesterday ahead of the Technology & Maintenance Council's winter meeting

TAMPA, FL. Benecor LLC unveiled what it calls the first urea dispenser for commercial and fleet applications here yesterday ahead of the Technology & Maintenance Council's winter meeting.

According to Brendan Foster, Benecor president, the dispenser is a key element in the Fenton, MI-based firm's approach to help the diesel market meet the EPA's mandates with solutions for the supply, storage and dispensing of the urea that is expected to be required for the operation of EPA-compliant diesel engines manufactured starting in 2010.

He said the dispenser "showcases a design concept for above-ground urea storage and for dispensing larger quantities of urea." The dispenser features an insulated and heated design to ensure urea quality (as urea freezes at approximately 11 deg. F). In addition, the dispensers include over-fill protection, level sensors, leak sensors and telemetry features to track the on-board supply of urea.

Benecor offers two models. One is equipped with a commercial point-of-sale (POS) system for retail applications, such as truckstops, and the other is a fleet model geared for tracking use at a fleet's own location.

Foster said the company has installation plans for various locations, including truckstops, fleet locations, diesel fueling stations, and OEM dealerships and distributors.

The minimal installation cost of Benecor's dispensing system overcomes a major infrastructure/implementation challenge, stated Foster. He said a 1,000-gal. system, which would meet many fleet's needs at a single location, would cost $30,000 to $50,000 to install.

"We recognize a fast growing demand for answers to urea infrastructure and dispensing questions," he said. "We are involved with stakeholder groups through the Engine Manufacturers Assn., Auto Alliance, NATSO and the TMA (Truck Manufacturers Assn.). We see the economical and innovative approach of our above-ground UREA dispensers as one key component in an overall solution."

Foster pointed out that Benecor has worked for four years on the early development and design of urea dispensing solutions with a major truck engine OEM. He said Benecor believes its early entrance into the urea-dispensing market "demonstrates a depth of understanding of the upcoming changes and need for a solid infrastructure approach."

In addition to the dispenser concepts announced in Tampa, Benecor plans to supply services and packaging products for small-quantity UREA bottles, totes and IBCs. The company is also moving forward with plans to offer a "complete infrastructure solution for the urea market," said Foster.

"Benecor's in-house Engineering, Project Management and Construction Management group brings a complete solution for the OEM at the plant for vehicle fulfillment, fueling centers, fleet home bases and distributor trucks and railcar loading and unloading," he added. "This is truly the unique offering that Benecor brings to the market over the others."

For more information, go to or phone 810-519-1717.

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