Lowbed trailers designed specifically for oil and gas industry

Aug. 22, 2013

A new line of lowbed, heavy-haul trailers designed specifically for the oil and gas industry has been released by Talbert Manufacturing.

The models in the oil field trailer series include features for fast and efficient equipment loading, Talbert said.

There are three trailers in the series, a 3-axle, 35-ton step deck; a 4-axle, 60-ton fixed-gooseneck trailer; and a 5-axle, 65-ton, fixed-gooseneck trailer. Because oil extraction requires frequent relocation of skid-mounted equipment such as generators, housing units, compressors, oil rigging equipment and pipe sections, Talbert said it designed this series specifically for that purpose.

A winch, tail rollers and optional pop-up rollers make pulling equipment onto the deck easier and more efficient, the company noted. Weevil pins line the sides of the trailer and serve as vertical rollers to guide the equipment straight onto the trailer. And pipe pockets line the 60- and 65-ton trailers so operators can insert large stakes vertically to stack and haul pipe sections without the risk of shifting during transport.

For traveling over rough terrain, the 60-ton and 65-ton trailers feature a high-arch profile. This design provides additional space between the tractor and the bottom of the gooseneck to prevent the two from making contact in bumpy, off-road applications.

The trailers include more welds in the cross members for added durability. They are available in lengths ranging from 53 to 56 ft. The 65-ton trailer is rated for 120,000 lbs. in 16 ft. or 130,000 lbs. evenly distributed through the lower deck. The 60-ton trailer is rated for 110,000 lbs. in 16 ft. or 120,000 lbs. distributed through lower deck. Finally, the 35-ton is rated for 70,000 lbs. in 10 ft. or 100,000 lbs. evenly distributed. Deck height is dependent on tire size with two options: 34-in. deck height (17.5-in. tires) or 40-in. deck height (22.5-in. tires).

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