Prestone releases white paper on winter coolant demands

Jan. 28, 2014

Visitors to the Prestone Command booth at this week’s Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 2014 can pick up a free copy of a new white paper on coolant maintenance during the winter months.

The white paper, paper entitled Inspection Essentials For Cold Weather Antifreeze/Coolant Maintenance In Heavy Duty Vehicles, is also available by clicking here. The white paper is designed to assist fleets with ensuring antifreeze and coolant quality.

“If the cooling system is unable to satisfy the essential requirements put on it by the heavy duty engine, the vehicle’s horsepower, fuel efficiency, emissions and overall durability may be compromised,” said Colin Dilley, Ph.D., director technology, Prestone Command Technology Center. “Selecting the highest quality AF/C products and replenishing at the recommended interval will ensure operating efficiency and optimal performance.”

The Prestone Command white paper focuses on testing essentials for coolant concentrations (mixture of glycol, water and inhibitors) and the important part they play in winter engine management. Because glycol and water are naturally corrosive, coolant manufacturers add inorganic and/or organic salts and other chemicals, known as corrosion inhibitors, to the glycol/water mixture in order to prevent the cooling system components from corroding. It is imperative to test for these corrosion inhibitors to ensure engine metal protection, Prestone said.

“Having the ability to proactively initiate testing on any engine coolant system is imperative to making the right decisions for maintaining the correct levels of coolant concentrations,” said Dilley. “The new Prestone Command test strips and kits offer the ability to test a wide range of important variables from basic glycol concentration to the level of inhibitors for corrosion protection.”

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