A Mack Titan tractor on display at the 2014 Mid America Trucking Show

Mack adds mDrive HD to heavy-haul Titan

March 12, 2015
Mack Trucks said its mDrive HD automated manual transmission is now standard on its heavy-haul Titan model. The announcement was made last week at the National Heavy Equipment Show in Toronto.

Mack Trucks said its mDrive HD automated manual transmission is now standard on its heavy-haul Titan model. The announcement was made last week at the National Heavy Equipment Show in Toronto.

“We built on the success of the Mack mDrive, previously only available on our highway models, and engineered a heavier-duty version of the automated manual transmission, resulting in the mDrive HD, standard on the Mack Granite and now standard on the Titan,” said Stephen Roy, president of Mack Trucks North America. “When paired with the powerful heavy-haul Titan, it offers Mack customers unparalleled muscle to easily handle the most difficult of loads.”

The mDrive HD offers improved performance for demanding on- and off-road applications, Mack said. The mDrive HD (seen at right) in the Titan is compatible up to 2,060 lbs.-ft. of torque, 515 to 605 hp. and integrates seamlessly with the powerful Mack MP10 engine.

Specialized heavy-haul software allows for GCWs heavier than 140,000 lbs.

The 12-speed mDrive HD features an automated clutch, so no clutch pedal is needed. It is controlled through a dash-mounted shift pad, enabling the driver to select drive, neutral or reverse. For more demanding jobsite conditions, the shift pad can be operated manually to hold a gear, downshift or upshift.

The mDrive HD in the Titan model monitors changes in grade (both up and down), vehicle speed, throttle position, acceleration, torque demand and gross vehicle weight.

It automatically chooses the best gear for the road condition, allowing drivers to focus on the terrain rather than shifting gears, increasing safety on worksites.

Other features of the mDRIVE HD in the Titan include:

  • The mDrive HD is lightweight.  Including transmission oil, the mDrive HD is more than 200 pounds lighter than other transmission offerings, enabling customers to haul even more payload.
  • It features reinforced internal components. With stronger gears and synchros, the mDrive HD is built to withstand more frequent shifting that is often needed in heavy haul applications.
  • The mDrive HD uses a transmission-mounted oil cooler. The mDrive HD’s oil cooler helps maintain an optimal operating temperature, despite repeated, heat-generating shifts.
  • Unique software packages, specific to the customer application, are available with the mDrive HD.  The “Heavy Haul” package brings a more aggressive shift strategy with performance-oriented shift points and fewer skipped gears. “Enhanced Construction” provides optimal on/off-road capability and gives the driver full control over any terrain. “EZ Shift” delivers smoother shifts for sensitive payloads like livestock or bulk liquids.
  • The mDrive HD offers a Rock Free feature. Should the vehicle become stuck, this feature allows the driver to rock the truck back and forth simply by pumping the accelerator.
  • It features Grade Gripper. Working with the truck’s ABS system, Grade Gripper allows the vehicle to momentarily hold a hill, giving the driver time to move their foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal without rolling backward.

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