The new RH Series is touted as being 6 more fuel efficient versus previous regional haul models Photo courtesy of Navistar

Navistar reveals new Class 8 regional haul tractor

April 20, 2017
International RH Series to be mated with OEM’s new 12.4-liter A26 engine.

Navistar is introducing a new regional haul Class 8 tractor this week: the International RH Series, which will be spec’d with the OEM’s new 12.4-liter A26 engine – unveiled back in March – as its standard power plant.

"The new International RH Series continues our commitment to build trucks that lead the industry in uptime," said Bill Kozek, president of truck and parts for Navistar, in a statement. "We are confident this truck will continue to build on our momentum and be successful in the regional haul market.”

He added that Navistar is now taking orders for this new truck, with plans to begin production in early June.

New features on the RH Series include:

  • Multiple cab configurations, including day cab, 56-in. low roof sleeper, 56-in. hi-rise sleeper, day cab with roof fairing, and 56-in. hi-rise sleeper with roof fairing.
  • The Bendix Wingman Advanced Collision Mitigation system as standard equipment.
  • An inside wheel cut of up to 50 degrees delivering a curb-to-curb turning radius of just 27-ft. 10-in. for better maneuverability in tight city streets or cramped loading docks.
  • Aerodynamic improvements, reduced weight, and driveline enhancements make the RH Series up to 6% more fuel-efficient versus previous regional haul models.
  • Those aerodynamic improvements also yielded a four-Sone decrease in wind noise for improved driver comfort.
  • Ergonomically designed service points under the hood and around the chassis for easier and safer access, with many components engineered with longer intervals between required maintenance.
    The RH Series Diamond interior trim package.
  • Cab wiring with all-new harnesses connected to an in-cab power distribution module that is located inside the truck for more protection from the elements.
  • A new dashboard display that offers up to 15 customizable digital gauges, with the air horn relocated back to its traditional “intuitive” position over the driver door.
  • A new single-canister after-treatment system that is 60% smaller, 40% lighter, and simplified for quicker servicing.
  • Navistar added that drivers will benefit from the redesigned side windows and mirrors on the RH Series, which provide enhanced side visibility.

    The OEM also noted  that it developed the interior of the RH Series based a study of interaction points between the driver and truck – everything from what a driver sees to how he moves and reacts in virtually any situation.

    That resulted in design features such as a large swept-back windshield, more optimized mirror placement, plus an aerodynamic sloped hood for a clearer view.

    "We drew upon the expertise of drivers to ensure that the RH Series is the most driver-centric Class 8 regional haul vehicle we've ever built," explained Denny Mooney, senior vice president for global product development at Navistar, in a statement.

    "Many of our customers tell us that their number-one challenge is attracting and retaining drivers, which is why we put so much effort into understanding and responding to drivers' needs,” he pointed out. “These improvements also contribute to increased driver ease of use that will boost the vehicle's productivity."

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