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ASA Electronics introduces new commercial stereo system

ASA Electronics is releasing a new commercial-grade stereo system under its Jensen Heavy Duty brand. The JCV2015BT stereo features “an entirely new level of on-board computer integration,” the company said.

In addition to rear sleeper controls and automatic front-panel dimming to match dashboard illumination settings, the JCV2015BT maximizes driver safety by automatically muting all other audio when incoming messages are being relayed, the company noted. Once the message has been received, the stereo resumes, allowing drivers to maintain unwavering control and attention to the road.

The stereo is equipped with full Bluetooth integration to give drivers full command of the stereo and mobile devices without removing their hands from the steering wheel.

The stereo is SiriusXM ready and comes equipped with front panel access to USB, along with iPod and iPhone integration and charging, a 3.5mm input, a rear RCA AUX input, and a seven-channel NOAA weatherband tuner.

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