Automatic reporting on tire pressure systems

Vigia Canada has released a new line of automatic tire pressure monitoring systems, allowing managers to get real-time information on tires on any computer or mobile device.

The Vigia NM343 in-cab display integrates the Vigia tire pressure system with fleet telematics solutions to generate the digital information that is transmitted via its interface to the user’s telematics software.

The tire pressure system monitors tires, and if a tire has been punctured, will inflate that tire while letting the driver know the current situation so he can proceed to a repair station. Because of its automatic monitoring, the Vigia NM343 can reduce the incident of under-inflated tires leading to retread separations, or even worse, blowouts.

According to Vigia, for every pound per square inch of under-inflation, a vehicle consumes 0.8% more fuel, and utilizing automatic tire inflation systems can save 100 of gals. of fuel per year.

The NM343 display, which mounts inside the cab, will allow managers to monitor trucks using its system remotely.

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