Baldwin Filters announces new filter technology

Baldwin Filters announces new filter technology

Channel FlowEXO is the next generation of the Baldwin Filters Channel Flow air filter line, the company announced.

According to the company, the filter design utilizes reinforcement techniques to ensure the media remains securely in place and undamaged and protects the engine throughout the entire life cycle of the filter.

“We are excited to bring this advanced technology to the marketplace,” said Steve Zimmerman, group product director, Clarcor Engine Mobile Group. “By improving on an already outstanding filter design, we can provide the best protection for today’s high performing, cleaner running engines.”

“Baldwin filters are routinely tested above and beyond industry standards, ensuring reliable performance under the toughest conditions,” the company noted. “In rigorous testing, Channel Flow EXO air filters demonstrated extreme structural integrity. They consistently survived extreme conditions with no signs of damage or media distortion. Comparable OE filters failed less than halfway into the life of the test.”

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