Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake offers online parts guide

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake (BSFB) is offering the Formula Blue Parts Guide online. Available at, the guide offers the quickest and simplest navigation available of the company’s complete parts catalog, Bendix said.

The guide provides fleets, distributors, and dealers access to BSFB’s comprehensive Formula Blue line of hydraulic brake parts for light- and medium-duty vehicles in Class 1 to Class 6 applications.

Products in the Formula Blue line include new and remanufactured brake calipers, premium rotors, and complete lines of pads, shoes, brake hardware, drums, master cylinders, and clutch hydraulics.

“The online Parts Guide adopts the straightforward way most of our customers already approach parts buying,” said Andy Cifranic, product manager for Formula Blue. “It’s as simple as, ‘Here’s my vehicle, and here’s the type of part I need. Show me the product numbers.’ That’s how our customers search for parts and exactly how we’ve designed this online guide.”

Guide users are presented with an easy-to-use menu requiring just four choices: vehicle year, make, and model, plus the type of product needed. After making their selections from the pull-down options in each category and submitting the request, customers are presented with a list of the Formula Blue parts for their specific application.

The guide includes more than 8,000 parts, covering model years through 2013 for virtually all domestic and import light- and medium-duty vehicles.

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