Bergstrom offers eNow solar power

Bergstrom is now offering solar power solutions from clean technology company eNow.

The solar power is being paired with Bergstrom’s No-Idle Thermal Environment (NITE) system, which enables drivers to conserve fuel while maintaining cab comfort and powering electrical components including HVAC.

The eNow solar power system harvests electrical energy from the sun. Using Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, the energy is transferred to a truck’s onboard battery system for storage. The energy is distributed to Bergstrom’s NITE as well as communications, appliances, entertainment and engine starting, when needed. The solar system charges even when the truck is not in use, and therefore, reduces carbon emissions.

The eNow solar systems are customizable with optimized panel sizes, layouts and weights. The systems are designed and built to address the unique demands of the commercial transportation industry. When installed on the vehicle’s roof fairing, the 300 to 450 watt systems are the most common sizes used. However, systems can be expanded to 5,000 watts of power when installed on the roofs of trailers.

“We’re pleased to offer this valuable solution to our customers, especially considering fuel prices and increasing idling restrictions,” said Joanne Bjick, National Sales Manager of Solar for Bergstrom. “The solar power system is a great complementary product to all our no-idle HVAC systems.”

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