Bosch offering aftermarket starters for start/stop systems

Robert Bosch LLC, a major supplier of start/stop systems and components to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), has announced the availability of aftermarket starters for vehicles equipped with these systems.

The company pointed out that with “the current emphasis on fuel economy, start/stop systems are fast gaining in popularity, which means that automotive repair shops can expect to see a corresponding increase in demand for parts and services for these vehicles in the coming years, including starters, alternators, batteries, sensors and control units.”

“Start/stop systems are here to stay. Bosch, the leading supplier of this technology to OEMs has the experience and innovative skills to manufacture top quality components for these systems,” said Fred Padgett, group product manager-- Rotating Machines for Robert Bosch LLC Automotive Aftermarket NA.

Per Bosch, starters for start/stop systems are specially constructed to last through many more starting events than conventional starters. Therefore, they include many enhanced technical features such as:

  • Reinforced bearings
  • Enhanced planetary gear unit
  • Heavy-duty meshing mechanism
  • Optimized commutator

The company said that the “special design of these Bosch starters ensures that they are able to meet the more demanding requirements of a start/stop engine over the entire course of the vehicle’s service life. They are engineered to deliver up to 3.5 times the number of cycles of a conventional starter.”

“With start/stop systems the engine cuts out automatically when the vehicle is stationary and therefore stops burning fuel. This saves fuel even during short stops, after just 0.7 seconds. This results in up to eight percent saving in fuel economy overall compared to vehicles with conventional engines,” explained Padgett. “Furthermore, this translates to lower CO2 emissions.”

All start/stop system components from Bosch, including starters, are manufactured to high OEM standards and deliver maximum durability and reliability. Being perfectly matched with the vehicle’s electronic system, they offer excellent functionality and a long service life, the company noted.

Bosch 12V starters for vehicles equipped with start/stop systems are available for domestic, Asian and European vehicles.

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