Brake drums available for high-frequency stopping applications

A new lineup of Webb Vortex brake drums from Webb Severe Duty addresses applications such as refuse where frequent stops put added stress on drums.

The Webb Vortex severe duty drum designs dissipate brake heat and lower the average brake operating temperature versus the performance of standard brake drums, lowering lifecycle costs for these types of operations, the company said.

The heavy loads and frequent stops of refuse and similar fleet operations make brakes the third highest cost item after fuel and tires for these operations, Webb said.

Webb Vortex severe duty drums were designed for and tested in the refuse industry to maximize the benefits for trucks operating in these environments, the company said.

Six drums are available for 16.5x5 in., 16.5x6 in., 16.5x7 in., 16.5x8 in. and 16.5x8.62 in. brake sizes to fit multiple applications.

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