California retreader adopts ContiLifeCycle process

Rovince International Corp. has adopted the ContiLifeCycle retread process, the Commercial Vehicle Tire Business unit of Continental Tire the Americas announced.

Rovince is located in Compton, CA, and has 25 years of retreading experience, Continental said.

“We were very familiar with Continental as one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world, and we carry Continental truck tires at our retail locations. With the ContiLifeCycle retread solution, we are now able to create more business by following the Continental tire through its entire lifetime. It’s a good match,” said Lionel Perera, Rovince president.

Production of the ContiTread branded retreads began Dec. 1, Perera said. Rovince has the capacity to produce approximately 200 retreads daily.

“The quality of the ContiTreads and the mileage they get was very important to us. We have tested the tires with several fleets and found that they can definitely produce more mileage than other retreads on the market. This makes us more competitive and it’s a package that we can sell – both the new and the retread with the same performance and tread patterns,” Perera said.

“We’re happy to report that Rovince has begun production of our HDL Eco Plus and HTL Eco Plus ContiTreads, which are SmartWay verified for low rolling resistance. This is especially important in California, where SmartWay verification is required for many truck tires after January 1, 2013,” said Paul Williams, Continental’s executive vice president for truck tires – the Americas. “We are pleased to meet this need with ContiTreads from Rovince International.”

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