Carbide tube pin cleaners eliminate corrosion

Innovative Products of America (IPA's) carbide tube pin cleaner (#8076) tools allow for removal of corrosion from large male electrical contact pins. It includes 10 different diameters designed for use in applications such as trains, communication and data center equipment, electric vehicles, military vehicles, forklifts, aircraft, mining and marine equipment and anything else with large, round electrical pins, the company announced.

The #8076 set sizes range from .217 in. to .750 in. dia. Other sizes are available up to 3 in. The internal, #240 grit carbide surface lasts 10 times longer than common sandpaper and safely removes corrosion without damaging pins, insuring repeatable good connections while increasing the lifespan of harnesses, according to IPA.

"The Carbide Tube Pin Cleaners are versatile products designed to repair poor, intermittent connectivity and extend electrical component lifespans," said Dan Engelsen at IPA. "In addition to use on electrical connectors, the set also doubles as a very handy sanding tool to clean bar stock, tubing, pins, and pipes by removing scaling or rust prior to welding or painting." This multipurpose tool also can be used to clean ways and stays in lathes.

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