Cast brake drum for multiple applications

Webb Wheel has released a new cast brake drum that fits the most popular steer, drive and trailer axle applications. The Vortex Unlimited includes improved heat transfer efficiency to allow it to run cooler which improves durability, Webb said.

According to the company, when used on drive and trailer axle configurations that include Webb’s patent-pending wear indicator, vehicle operators can expect 25% more life from the Vortex Unlimited.

A center squealer band strengthens the drum and cast-in exterior ribs conduct heat away from the brake surface resulting in 10% lower operating temperatures, Webb explained, adding that dynamometer testing indicated the heat generated by the Vortex Unlimited during a braking event is significantly less than with a standard brake drum.

There is also a wear indicator on the drive and trailer axle drums to measure wear and available drum life.

Vortex Unlimited drums are now available in 15x4, 16.5x5, 16.5x7, 16.5x8 and 16.5x8.625 sizes from Webb distributors and can be used as a replacement for standard-duty cast brake drum applications. 



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