Cat unveils 15L C15 engine

Cat unveils 15L C15 engine

Owners of the Cat CT660 vocational truck now have a third engine choice with the release of the 15L CT15 engine. The CT15 joins the CT11 and CT13 as available options on the truck.

The CT15 offers as much as 550 hp. and 1,850 lbs.-ft. of torque.

“The CT15 engine is the perfect power solution for heavy-duty applications and extreme environments,” said George Taylor, director of the Caterpillar Global On-Highway Truck Group. “Cat vocational truck customers can count on the CT15 for years of reliable, durable operation, which translates into a longer-lasting truck and higher resale value.”

The CT15 has dual sequential turbochargers and a precisely controlled high-pressure common-rail fuel system enable it to reach peak torque at 2,100 rpm, Caterpillar said. Additionally, the strong pulling power at low engine speeds allows for shifting at lower speeds when accelerating and reduces the need for shifting when powering up steep grades. Interstage cooling between turbochargers increases air density to maintain power as speeds increase.

The CT15 also offers an engine brake rated at more than 600 bhp, which helps drivers helps drivers maintain optimum speeds down steep or long grades without frequent use of the service brakes.

The CT15 uses an EGR system to reduce NOx in-cylinder without requiring diesel emission fluid and meet EPA 2010 requirements.

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