Chevron demonstrates benefits of Delo 400 XLE oil with live engine teardown

Chevron demonstrates benefits of Delo 400 XLE oil with live engine teardown

LOUISVILLE. To help demonstrate the abilities of its Delo 400 XLE 10W-30 engine oil, Chevron Products Co. conducted a live teardown of a DD15 engine with over 400,000 mi. of service on it during the Mid-America Trucking Show. The event is designed to demonstrate the ability of lower-viscosity oils, like 10W-30, to provide comparable protection to a 15W-40 grade, while at the same time improving fuel economy, Chevron said.

“There’s a misconception that lighter viscosity oils don’t offer the same level of protection as heavier oils,” said Jim Gambill, North America Commercial and Industrial brands manager, Chevron Products Co. “We’re here to dispel that myth. Besides the teardown, we’ll challenge attendees to compare parts from engines that have used 10W-30 and 15W-40 in similar environments and for similar lengths of service and ask if they can see the difference. Once they realize they can rely on Delo 400 XLE 10W-30 to maintain engine durability while improving fuel economy, we feel they will be comfortable making the switch.”

Chevron also has on hand its Delo Truck, an 80-ft. rolling education center that serves as a mobile ambassador for the Delo brand. The Delo Truck features new graphics, a new interactive proof of performance display, an updated DD15 engine cutaway display and an area dedicated to Tier IV emissions.

The Delo Truck is designed to educate customers on key market issues, Delo technology and the importance of premium performance heavy-duty engine oils, lubricants and coolants.

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