Clean Diesel Technologies receives expanded CARB verification

The California Air Resources  Board (CARB) has expanded its approval of Clean  Diesel Technologies’ ECS Purifilter brand emissions reduction product to  include larger control devices aimed at heavy-duty on-road vehicle engines up  to 16L and 625 hp., increasing the variety of vehicle engines that Clean Diesel  is approved to retrofit under the current CARB Truck and Bus regulation.

The purpose of the regulation is to reduce emissions from  in-use trucks and buses in order to meet federally imposed clean air standards.  For heavier trucks and buses, the regulation mandates that all 1996 through  2006 Class 7 and 8 diesel trucks be retrofitted with diesel particulate  filters, if not already equipped, to meet state emissions standards between  2012 and 2016, with 90% required by year-end 2014. Clean Diesel estimates that  this regulation will require well over 100,000 heavy-duty diesel trucks to be  replaced or retrofitted.

“The Purifilter brand product is a proven and extremely  effective emissions-reduction system, and the new larger device sizes added by  this expansion enable us to provide solutions for some of the largest capacity  engines used in California,” said Lyndon Smith, Clean Diesel’s vice president  and general manager. “Our turnkey evaluation and installation process, combined  with our California-based engineering resources, enable us to provide both  verified products and immediate support to our customers to help ensure their  compliance with government regulations.”

CARB has classified ECS Purifilter line of products as  “Level 3 Plus” devices. This designation requires reducing emissions of diesel  particulate matter greater than or equal to 85% and meeting the 2009 nitrogen  dioxide emission limit — both of which are key government emission reduction  requirements. Full verification details are available on the CARB website at

Clean Diesel also announced it has launched a dedicated  CARB-compliance information website in order to assist fleet owners, dealers,  distributors and others interested in learning more about CARB initiatives and  staying apprised of current regulations. Clean Diesel has also launched. The website,, is hosted by  Clean Diesel’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Engine Control Systems. The website is  also accessible from and  includes important up-to-date CARB news and resources, a step-by-step detailed  fleet conversion process, a listing of the Clean Diesel’s line of emission  reduction systems and a list of authorized dealers and distributors.

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