Concentrated forms added to stop leak product line

Concentrated forms added to stop leak product line

Bar’s Leaks has added several new concentrated versions of its stop leak products in 11 oz. bottle sizes. The concentrated versions reduce the amount of non-essential ingredients needed and allow for the reduced package size.

“We are committed to helping people repair their vehicles as cost-effectively as possible,” said Clay Parks, vice president of development. “With commodity prices continuing to rise, we have maintained the level of stop leak additives in our products while reducing base oil. This enables us to keep our prices in check while still delivering the stop leak quality vehicle owners have relied on for 65 years.”

  • The Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate (p/n 1010) is designed to seal leaks caused by normal engine wear and age, including those resulting from drying, hardening or shrinking of engine oil seals and gaskets, the company said. It mixes with all factory-approved engine oils, including synthetics, and contains no particles that will clog oil passages or filters. One bottle treats four to five quarts of oil. Most leaks stop in 200 miles or three days of driving.
  • The Transmission Stop Leak Concentrate (p/n 1420) is designed to stop leaks caused by normal transmission wear and age. It also prevents future leaks and restores gaskets and seals to help the transmission last longer, Bar’s Leaks said, and it works with all automatic and manual transmission fluids, for domestic and import vehicles. One bottle treats up to 10 quarts of fluid.  Most leaks stop within 200 miles or three days of driving.
  • The Power Steering Stop Leak Concentrate (p/n 1630) stops leaks caused by normal power steering system wear and age. It works on rack and pinion units, gear boxes and pumps. It is compatible with all domestic, import and heavy-duty power steering fluid, including petroleum, mineral oil synthetics and ATF. It keeps power steering seals soft and pliable to prevent future leaks. One bottle treats up to three quarts of liquid.
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