ContiTech introduces V-ribbed belt

The ContiTech Power Transmission Group is adding a new V-ribbed belt – dubbed the “Conti Heavy Duty Power” belt – for front-end accessory drives that is projected to last up to 500,000 kilometers or some 310,686 miles of service.

ContiTech said a new material combination makes its accessory belt is particularly flexible to ensure that it functions perfectly even under extreme conditions; for example, in the case of dust or stones working their way into the drive.

“In a market where a long service life plays an important role, the reliability of the belt is a key factor,” noted Philip Nelles, ContiTech’s head of automotive original equipment.

“The long service life minimizes maintenance costs and, in turn, the length of unproductive time a vehicle spends in the garage,” he added. “Compared with standard belts, the new belt can also reduce power loss in the belt drive system by up to 10%. This in turn leads to a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 [carbon dioxide] emissions.”

ContiTech said it will initially manufacture this new belt in China and Europe, eventually widening production to all of its plants worldwide.

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