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Daimler launches new medium-duty diesel

Daimler launches new medium-duty diesel

Hannover, Germany. Continuing development of its global powertrain platforms, Daimler Trucks has introduced an all-new 7.7L diesel with ultra clean emissions and outputs as high as 350 hp. Initially available in the company’s new Antos European regional hauler, the OM 936 meets upcoming Euro 6 emissions standards, which means it should also be suitable for the North American market and it’s nearly identical EPA 2010 emissions requirements.

In addition to low emissions and high horsepower, the new inline 6-cyl. features dual overhead cams with electronic controls for variable timing and a common rail injection fuel system capable of producing 2010 bar peak pressures and up to 7 injection events per cycle. Emissions are controlled by cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) on the intake and both diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) after treatment.

Offered as a low weight option for regional hauling applications up to 40 tons here in Europe, the new diesel’s initial B10 life is said to be 750,000 KM, but could eventually reach 1 million KM, according to Elmar Boeckenhoff, Daimler vice president of  truck product engineering powertrain and formerly chief engineer for Daimler Trucks North America.

The  OM 396 and a smaller 5.1L displacement model form Daimler’s new global  medium- duty engine platform, much like the Detroit DD13 and DD15 anchor its global heavy-duty engine line up, according to Stefan Buchner, head of global powertrain, procurement and manufacturing engineering trucks. Introduced first in North America, that platform has now found applications in Europe and Japan.

While not confirming that the new MD engine will be coming to North America, Buchner said there are no technical barriers.

“We see the opportunity to use it there and elsewhere,” he said, but market demand will ultimately drive the decision.

On the heavy duty platform, Daimler is introducing a 10.7L version for Europe which could also make its way to North America, again if there is customer demand, according to Buchner. If a Detroit DD11 were to join the current DD13 and DD15, there is capacity to build it at Detroit’s Redford, MI, plant, he said.


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