Dana introduces nickel chromoly axle shafts

Dana has introduced a new line of Spicer axle shafts for use with larger tires. The Spicer chromoly shafts are manufactured using SAE-4340 nickel chromoly steel for maximum strength and durability and are heat treated to ensure optimal hardness throughout.

“We’ve designed these axle shafts to exceed OE standards and meet the extreme demands of off-road use,” said Bill Gryzenia, vice president and general manager, Dana Aftermarket. “Not all chromoly axle shafts are alike. Spicer chromoly axle shafts have been engineered to deliver added strength and durability and are another example of the precision engineering and manufacturing expertise Dana brings to performance applications.”

The shafts’ nickel provides additional toughness, while the chromium ensures high-temperature strength and resistance to abrasion, Dana said. Molybdenum is also added to maintain a specified hardenability.

The heat treatment processes developed for the Spicer chromoly axle shafts are designed to increase core hardness to precise levels, while at the same time optimizing case and surface hardness, to achieve maximum impact strength and durability.

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